XCAT: External Course Approval Tool



XCAT is the online External Course Approval Tool used to determine credit at Penn for transfer, credit away and study abroad courses for all students across all four undergraduate schools. To request credit from Wharton, Nursing or Engineering, please contact the advising office for that school.

Transfer credit is used for courses taken before matriculation at Penn. Study abroad credit includes courses taken at a Penn Abroad program. And credit away courses are courses taken outside of a Penn-approved program after matriculation at Penn.

A student must secure approval for credit away courses through the XCAT system BEFORE taking them.

Through this system, students submit requests for Penn approval, departments make determinations regarding approval and credit and home school advisors and the Registrar's Office post credits to the Penn transcript.

If you have questions about departmental approval please speak with the appropriate department contact for credit evaluation.

If you have questions about the XCAT system contact Dr. Gary Purpura in the College by email or by calling 215.898.6341.

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