Mandatory Leave of Absence

Students who accumulate two or more Incomplete grades in a given term or in cumulative terms may be placed on a Mandatory Leave of Absence by the Committee on Undergraduate Academic Standing until all academic work is finished satisfactorily. This action is not intended to be punitive; rather, it is an opportunity for students to finish incomplete courses so that they may start a new term without the burden of extra work and address the issues that led to the incomplete work.

Students may return from leave once all academic work is finished satisfactorily and a request to return through the College Office is made and approved (see below).

There are a number of things to consider when placed on a Mandatory Leave of Absence:

  • Courses for the following term may be dropped immediately and students will not be able to return from leave until the work for ALL Incompletes is confirmed as finished.
  • A return from Mandatory Leave of Absence is contingent upon achieving good academic standing. If one or more of the incomplete courses results in a failing grade or if the term or cumulative g.p.a. is below a 2.0, students may be placed on academic probation or required to remain on leave for a full academic year.
  • Students may not receive Penn credit for courses at any other institution while on leave.
  • Student Penncards will be deactivated when the leave is imposed.
  • Students may not live in University-owned housing nor participate in and/or hold a leadership position in a registered University organization while on leave.
  • Students may be asked for additional documention to help determine their readiness to successfully resume full-time studies.

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