Careers in Law

Law school admissions committees seek students with well-rounded liberal arts educations that focus on strong writing, research and verbal skills.

While there is no pre-law major or required sequence of courses, throughout their college careers students should seek a breadth and depth in their coursework regardless of their major. In addition, they should make certain to take courses that reflect both a rigorous and increasingly advanced curriculum as they proceed through Penn. To be a competitive law school applicant, it is important to perform well in ones undergraduate coursework by selecting a major/minor out of genuine interest, rather than one assumed to facilitate admission to law school. Strong candidates from the full spectrum of majors and minors are admitted into law schools each year.

Students interested in a career in law should familiarize themselves with the pre-law section of the Career Services website as a starting point. Additionally, they should contact a pre-law advisor as they approach the law school admissions process, although they may certainly be in contact throughout their undergraduate career.

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