A transfer student who wishes to count a course taken prior to matriculation at Penn toward the Quantitative Data Analysis Requirement may petition the committee. The committee turns down more petitions than it accepts. To file a petition, the student should:

  • Read the criteria for Quantitative Data Analysis Requirement courses.
  • Send an email to the chair of the Quantitative Data Analysis Education Committee (c/o Kent Peterman in the College Office) stating why, based on these criteria, you believe the course should qualify for Quantitative Data Analysis credit.
  • Using attachments or links, include with your email as much relevant documentation as possible, including exams or assignments, that support your claim that the course is suitable for the requirement. The syllabus should already have been submitted with your request for basic course credit via XCAT.

Transfer students with credit for STAT 111, CHEM 053, or CHEM 054 will receive Quantitative Data Analysis credit without having to petition. Departments evaluating courses from other institutions for transfer students assign these course numbers only if they meet the criteria for the Quantitative Data Analysis Requirement.