Non-profit & Common Good Careers

November 20, 2019

6:00-8:00 PM

Cafe 58, Irvine

How can you use your liberal arts education to make a difference?  During informative roundtable discussions over dinner, join College alumni who have made their careers working to positively impact local and global communities. Learn about their journeys since graduating from the College and how their time at Penn helped shape their professional lives.  How did they find their way into these non-profit and common good careers and what lessons might you learn from their experiences? 

Alumni Panel

Michael Kleiman C’06, Founder and Executive Director, MediaTank Productions

Raymond John C’08, President and Co-Founder, 12PLUS

Chantias Ford C’14, Program Officer, Hamilton Family Charitable Trust

Jeffrey Barg C’02, Associate Director of Planning and External Policy Relations, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Sharon Kim C'05, Managing Director, Mt Airy USA

Peter Bonilla C'05, Vice President of Programs, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

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