Math Diagnostic Placement Exam

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Faculty and advisors across the schools have determined that initial placement in the appropriate level of mathematics is essential to student success in science, engineering, economics, business and many other fields. For the majority of students who take math in their first year, the choice is between a course in the first-year calculus sequence (MATH 103, MATH 104 and MATH 114) or MATH 170, 172, 180 or 210.

In response, the Math department offers an online placement diagnostic exam to help incoming freshmen choose the math course most suited to their current abilities and academic ambitions. The online diagnostic is to be taken in the summer as part of Advance Registration.

After logging in, students will see a “course” titled Penn Diagnostic Placement Exam. Students should set aside an uninterrupted time block to complete the exam before the end of Advance Registration.

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