Checklist: Leave of Absence, Drop or Withdrawal

Once a leave of absence or withdrawal has been approved, or you have been dropped, that action will be posted to your transcript. Your PennCard will be deactivated as soon as the leave, drop, or withdrawal has been processed.


Be sure to notify all relevant offices of your leave or drop:

  • Student Registration and Financial Services  

    Be sure to review the Student Financial Services “leave of absence checklist” to understand your obligations when going on leave or drop. You should also meet with a financial aid counselor to discuss how taking time off may impact your finances. Schedule a student loan exit interview so you can obtain important information about the effect of the leave on your loans. Depending on how long you are not enrolled, you may have to begin making payments on your loans. STUDENT LOANS: It is critically important that you avoid becoming delinquent on your loans while you are out of school. Delinquency may result in ineligibility for further aid and may make it impossible for you to return at a later date.

  • Housing and Conference Services  

    If you are taking a leave after the semester has started, advise your House Dean of your departure.  If you are dropped from the rolls, the College office will notify your House Dean. In both instances, go to the Housing Office to get the early termination form so that the appropriate staff member can sign it. Upon receipt of that form and your keys, the contract will be canceled. Please note that a cancellation fee may be charged. If the semester has not yet begun, you should still contact Housing to be sure that your contract is cancelled.

  • Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs  

    If you are living in a fraternity or sorority house, you will need to contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs to be sure that your occupancy agreement is cancelled.

  • Dining Services  

    Visit the Dining Services office to complete a cancellation form for the meal contract. A cancellation fee may be charged.  Contact the Dining Services office if you have questions about the policy on the release forms.

  • International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)  

    If you are an international student, please contact ISSS concerning your VISA status. You are required to communicate any change in your student status directly to an ISSS advisor and you will be required to update your student VISA. In addition, you may need to request that an e-form be generated and for a College Advisor to approve your specific e-form in the system. If this applies to you, please be sure to call 215.898.6341 to let an academic advisor know that an e-form is waiting to be processed, it is not automatically approved.

  • Student Health Service  

    Please check with the Insurance Coordinator at the Student Health Service if you have questions regarding your coverage, policies and procedures during your time away. Students on leave of absence are covered by the general fee through the academic year of the leave. Please check with your private insurance carrier regarding your health coverage during your leave of absence. Some insurance providers discontinue coverage if a student is not enrolled full time at a college or university.

  • Office of Student Conduct  

    Clear any pending student conduct issues if applicable. Failure to do so will result in your being placed on a disciplinary hold.  This will prevent you from registering for classes when you return or from getting copies of your transcript should you choose to transfer to another institution.

While Out

During the term of your leave or drop, you may call the College Office at 215.898.6341 if you have any questions. Please be aware of the conditions for return outlined in your leave or drop letter, since you will be required to fulfill them before you may re-enroll. Students are encouraged to use the Career Services office to help find productive things to do with their time off.

Applying to Return

You must apply to return from leave or drop by the relevant deadline (for the fall semester, July 15; for the spring semester, November 15; for the summer, April 15). At that time you must fill out a request to return from leave or drop form and show that you have fulfilled all of the conditions for return as outlined in your original letter from the College. To begin this process, contact the College Office at 215.898.6341.

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