CAMS Event: Careers in Entrepreneurship

October 22, 2019

6:00-8:00 PM, Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall

Wondering what you can do with your entrepreneurial spirit? Come learn how these Penn alumni have harnessed their innovative ideas—and their College degree—to excel in a variety of industries.
Join College alumni who have made their careers as entrepreneurs or working for start-ups in informative roundtable discussions over dinner. Learn about their journeys since graduating from the College and how their time at Penn helped shape their professional lives.

Alumni Guests

David Fine, Founder &  Chief Schmear Officer, Schmear It

Mariama Kabia, Co-founder & CEO, Memunatu Magazine

Brian Michael, Founder & CEO Phillies Nation

Jennie Ripps, Founder & CEO of Owl’s Brew

Anup Singh, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer of InnaMed

Tiffany Yau, Founder & CEO of Fulphil

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