Course Absence Reports

Course Absence Reports are designed to provide a way for students to communicate with their instructors when medical issues, family emergencies, or other concerns necessitate missing class.

Students can log in to the CAR system from Penn InTouch and send a report to one or more instructors, indicating the number of days missed (up to a maximum of five days) and the general reason for the absence.

Instructors may opt to receive these notices by email, to view a digest of all submitted reports, or not to use the system at all. Each instructor will have a policy on class attendance (and on whether Course Absence Reports are required for their course) that will be communicated to students. Students who submit Course Absence Reports are still responsible for following up with the instructor about any missed work. Course Absence Reports do not constitute “excuses.”

NOTE: If a student misses or anticipates missing more than five days of classes, she or he should contact the College’s CaseNet team as soon as possible.