Policies Governing Class Attendance

Some professors and departments are very strict about class attendance; others do not consider it part of the grading system. If the instructor determines a student has an excessive number of absences, the student’s final grade may be lowered. Some departments, the foreign languages in particular, have very precise rules for attendance.

If a student must miss five consecutive days or less of class at any point during the semester, he or she should notify the instructor as soon as possible using the Course Absence Report function of Penn InTouch.

If a student misses or anticipates missing more than five consecutive days of classes, she or he should contact the College Office as soon as possible.

Students are responsible for making up any work missed because of illness or extracurricular, career or athletic obligations.

Students should check Penn InTouch before the end of the Course Selection Period and before the end of the Drop period each semester to verify their schedule. Failure to attend a class for which one is registered does not result in being automatically dropped from the class. 

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