Minor in European Studies

European Studies at Penn is an interdisciplinary minor and an ideal addition to the study of many disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. It supplements majors in history, political science, sociology and art history as well as in French, German, English, Spanish, Italian and Slavic languages. It is designed to give students access to:

  • An understanding of Europe as a historical and cultural entity and its world leadership in business, politics and culture.
  • A great variety of countries, cultures and languages whose interaction with each other and with the United States is an essential part of transatlantic culture.
  • The institutions of a new Europe—European Union, Council of Europe, European Court of Human Rights—reflecting the largest experiment in building a global system of governance in human history.

The minor in European Studies is designed to intensify interdisciplinary studies by integrating the humanities and social sciences and prepare students to live and work in Europe and is a collaboration between the following departments and programs:


The minor in European Studies requires eight courses:

1. Two core courses:

a) one in modern European history (HIST 126, 127, or 128 );
b) one in contemporary European politics (PSCI 215, PSCI 218, PSCI 254, or PSCI 518).

2.  Five electives pertinent to the study of European politics and culture which can be chosen from a pre-approved list. Students may petition the European Studies advisor to accept a course that is not on the pre-approved list.

3. One course beyond Language Requirement level in a European language other than English.

Professor Julia Lynch, (jflynch@sas.upenn.edu) or Dr. Eileen Doherty-Sil (dohertye@sas.upenn.edu).

Further Information

For further information, consult the minor advisors or the advisors in the relevant departments. The program allows the transfer of up to 3 c.u. from study abroad programs. Please consult the advisors beforehand. Study abroad programs are coordinated by the Penn Abroad office. Visit their website or see the College of Arts and Sciences page on study abroad.

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