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A Message from Dean Sniegowski

On academic engagement and the importance of taking safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

You have a pre-major advisor and a College Contact who can help you with questions. Both are listed on the left-side of your Penn InTouch homepage. Your College Contact is an advisor in the College Office who can answer questions your pre-major advisor cannot, provide a second opinion and provide general advising questions even if you’re a junior or senior.

If you have a declared major, your major advisor is also listed on Penn InTouch.

Your advisor is available by email. Advisors are willing to speak by phone or make arrangements to connect through Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or other online platforms for appointments. You can make an appointment by emailing your advisor directly.

There are many resources available to help support your online learning.  The Weingarten Learning Resource Center provides a wide range of resources and strategies for remote learning, including structuring and managing time proactively, creating daily and weekly goals, forming online study groups, and preparing for open-book exams. The Online Learning Initiative offers detailed guidance for virtual learning, including creating a dedicated space for learning, finding ways to connect with other people, and developing a plan to build structure and goals into a students' daily routines. 

For quick questions about academic planning (e.g. Can I graduate?) or a policy and procedure question (e.g. Is it too late to add a course?) come to College Drop-ins Mondays-Fridays from 9AM-5PM EST.

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Spring 2020 Policies and Procedures of Note