Subscribe to College Events

To subscribe to the college events feed, follow the instructions below

Calendar Feed URL:


Instructions for Google Calendar

Instructions for Outlook

Instructions for iOS


Instructions for Google Calendar


Log in to Google Account

Google Login Screen

In a new browser, log in to your Google Account.

Note: If you are participating in Google Apps for Education, log in to your Institution Email Account to subscribe to the Calendar Feed.


Locate Calendar

Google Calendar Icon

Click the Calendar link.

View Calendar

Google Calendar Monthly View

Add Other Calendars

Add Calendar by URL

Locate the Other Calendars drop-down menu to find the Add by URL option.

Add Calendar by URL

Add by URL Modal

Enter into the box. Click the Add Calendar button [2].

View Subscribed Calendar

Viewing Subscribed Calendar

View your Google Calendar with the events and assignments from your Canvas calendar. 

Note: The calendar may take up to 24 hours to sync with the College Events Calendar.



Instructions for Outlook


An iCal feed is a common technique used for sharing calendars among software that supports a standard calendar format. 

To add an iCal feed in Outlook, follow these instructions:
Open a web browser, navigate to "", and login

Click the grid icon in the top left corner and select "Calendar"

Next, click "Add Calendar" and select "From Internet"

In "Link to the Calendar" enter the calendar's URL

In "Calendar Name" enter College Events

Then click "Save"

Click on your regular "Calendar" link in Outlook to view your default calendar. This new calendar should now be available in addition to your default calendar and can be viewed as an overlay to your default calendar or side-by-side. For more information about viewing internet calendars in Outlook, please read this article on Microsoft's website.



Instructions for iOS


To add an iCal feed in iOS, follow these instructions:

Open the Settings App

Settings Icon

Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars

iPhone Settings

Tap Add Account... in the Mail section

Mail Settings

Tap Other

Add Mail Account

Tap Add Subscribed Calender in the Other section

Add Other Account

Enter and tap Next

Enter Subscription URL

In the Description field, enter College Events and click Next, then Save

Edit Subscribed Calendar Details

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