Student Responsibility in Academic Advising

Students are expected to be responsible for the following in their relationship with academic advisors:

  • Be active and informed participants in the advising process and learn to take responsibility for the shape of their education and definition of their life goals.
  • Understand the structure and purpose of the College curriculum.
  • Read the publications and emails sent from the College Office.
  • Become familiar with the information available on the College website. Reference the site throughout their undergraduate career.
  • Be aware of registration-related deadlines.
  • Use Penn InTouch to make course and grading status changes and confirm the accuracy of their registration.
  • Keep appointments with their pre-major advisor and come to advising sessions prepared with a list of questions and issues to discuss.
  • Come to walk-ins, make appointments with or send email to assistant deans for advising in the College Office if they need advice outside the expertise of their pre-major advisor.
  • Make appointments with or send email to major advisors if they need advice about potential or current majors.

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