Return From Drop

A student in the College who has been dropped from the University rolls will only be considered for readmission after one full calendar year following dismissal. A second drop is permanent.

When a student wishes to return from a drop, he or she must submit a request to return by the relevant deadline (July 15 for the fall semester, November 15 for the spring semester, April 15 for the summer), or two weeks before the beginning of the relevant Advance Registration period, if the student wishes to advance register. This is done by contacting the Academic Standing Coordinator in the College Office at 215.898.6341 and asking for the Request to Return from Drop form.

Any return request submitted to the College later than the above-indicated deadlines may be denied by the College. Timely submission of requests and documentation is a condition of returning from all drops. The student may be asked for additional documents or evaluations to help determine his or her readiness to successfully resume full-time studies.

All students readmitted from a drop will be required to meet with a College advisor to discuss their plan for re-integrating themselves in the academic community of the University. This discussion will include plans for completing the student’s degree program as well as the use of appropriate University support services.

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