Prospective Students

Education for a Lifetime

Building an Intellectual and Professional Network

Students don’t have to have everything figured out from the first day they arrive at Penn. Advisors, faculty, fellow students, and the curriculum itself guide them to identify their passions and develop their voices in a way that is uncommon for a research university. As a result, the relationships students develop lead to amazing opportunities for experiential learning both on and off campus, internships and, ultimately, life after Penn in the form of a first job or graduate study.


Penn might seem overwhelming right now, but there are tremendous resources everywhere students turn – from academic assistance to career advice. Just expressing a common interest to a faculty member can lead to research opportunities. And attending a talk by an alumnus might lead to a summer internship at Sony Pictures or The Brookings Institution. Most importantly, these relationships will lead to lifelong friendships with both your mentors and peers.

Leadership Development 

Penn alumni return to campus throughout the year to spend time with current students to discuss academic and professional goals through the College Alumni Mentoring Series, Fox Leadership Program and the Office of Career Services. Student groups also play an important role in the development of personal growth. From the intellectual Philomathean Society to the theatrical antics of the Mask and Wig ensemble, students spend plenty of time outside of class developing their physical, mental and artistic skills. 

Careers and the Liberal Arts 

Graduates of the College find work and future study that exercises their abilities, stimulates their interests and suits their personalities. The journey is rarely linear, which is why students benefit from being open to opportunities when they present themselves. As a result, alumni establish charter schools, serve in Congress, chair Fortune 500 companies and produce shows on Broadway with majors as wide-ranging as political science, fine arts, biochemistry and South Asia Studies. 

Regardless of the path you eventually follow, a degree from Penn’s College of Arts and Sciences will prove indispensable in a constantly changing world where individuals must adapt and draw on a wide body of knowledge, not on just a specific skill set, in order to succeed.