For Prospective Students

Who should come to study in the College at Penn?

Penn’s College of Arts and Sciences is changing the way students learn because it recognizes that a holistic education is composed of not only memorable classroom experiences, but also service to one’s community and experiential learning through research and professional opportunities. This unique combination attracts applicants who consider themselves to be pioneers with a profound curiosity for exploration. And while most students who apply to the College at Penn are immensely talented, those who ultimately gain admission are the ones the committee finds compelling due to both a passion for learning and a desire to apply this knowledge to change the world.

Student-led Arts and Sciences Information Sessions 

Led by enthusiastic student volunteers, the College Cognoscenti give frequent presentations to families in small groups about what it means to be at Penn from an academic and co-curricular perspective. Independent of undergraduate admissions, the Cognoscenti are a great resource for prospective students since campus tours rarely have time to discuss the curriculum, student research experiences or other academic details specific to Penn's College of Arts and Sciences. Visit their website for presentation schedule and student profiles.

Courses for Visitors

The College created a course visitation list to encourage prospective students to taste the academic experience Penn provides. The courses on this list have been vetted, but prospective students should introduce themselves to the instructor at the beginning of class to make sure an exam or other special event hasn’t been planned.  

Undergraduate Art & Culture Tour

Prospective students interested in academic and extra-curricular art and culture activities should sign up for an Art and Culture tour of campus, which offers a supplemental and alternative view of campus life from that offered during the Kite and Key/Admissions tour. In addition to visiting Penn's many art and cultural centers, which serve as meeting places for creatively-oriented students and faculty, and often also members of the wider Philadelphia art and culture community, this tour will inform students about Penn's vibrant and unique academic opportunities in the arts and humanities and the inexhaustible art, music, theater, and writing resources offered by the city of Philadelphia.

Tour participants will have the chance to pose questions to students currently majoring in an arts-related discipline, and receive Penn's art and culture information packet. Click here to register >>

Admissions Information Sessions and Tours

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers prospective students and their supporters a variety of resources to learn more about Penn and the admissions process. Information sessions and campus tours are held daily throughout the year.

For more detailed information on class statistics and application instructions, visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.