An Education for a Lifetime

In the College of Arts and Sciences, students don't just absorb information—the curriculum teaches them to analyze, communicate and transform facts into knowledge and then apply this knowledge in a real world context. Regardless of major, students leave Penn with tangible skills in problem solving, critical and creative writing, public speaking and quantitative analysis that they will apply in any context. Graduates find work and future study that exercises their abilities, stimulates their interests and suits their personalities. This is why College alumni have established charter schools, served in Congress, chaired Fortune 500 companies and produced shows on Broadway with majors as wide-ranging as philosophy, fine arts, biophysics and South Asia Studies.

The relationships students develop at Penn will lead to opportunities ranging from researching cancer to analyzing movies at the Cannes Film Festival. These experiences might lead students to present their findings at a professional conference, or publish with a faculty mentor. Other students have attended a College Alumni Mentoring Series event, gotten advice from the alumni speaker, and then obtained a summer internship and eventual job offer. The journey is rarely linear, which is why students benefit from being open when opportunities present themselves.

Student groups also play a very important role in the development of leadership skills and personal growth for undergraduates in Arts and Sciences. From the intellectual Philomathean Society to the theatrical antics of the Mask and Wig ensemble, College students spend time outside of class developing their physical, mental, and artistic skills. Regardless of the path students eventually follow, the College degree, coupled with a network of Penn mentors and friends, will prove indispensable in a constantly changing world where individuals must adapt and draw on a wide body of knowledge, not on just a specific skill set, in order to succeed.

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