AP Biology for the Class of 2020 and Earlier

The content below is specifically intended for the Class of 2020 and Earlier.

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Advanced placement credit in biology can be obtained by earning a sufficient score on the ETS Advanced Placement Test, the International Baccalaureate exam, or the British A-Level exams. Credit is given as BIOL 091 only for the lecture portion of an introductory biology course. BIOL 091 does not fulfill the Living World sector or biology major or pre-med requirements. See Information for New Students for details on the advanced placement policies.

Students planning to major in biology or BBB, or those satisfying pre-med requirements, should follow one of these two recommended tracks:

Track 1

Recommended for students with AP, IB, or other advanced biology courses and high school chemistry. Introductory level:

  • BIOL 121* Introduction to Biology: The Molecular Biology of Life (lecture and recitation, 1.0 c.u.)
  • BIOL 123* Introductory Molecular Biology Lab (lab only, 0.5 c.u.)
  • BIOL 124 Introductory Organism Biology Lab (lab with one hour lecture, 0.5 c.u.)
NOTE: BIOL 121 and 123 should be taken concurrently.

Track 2

Recommended for students with one year of high school biology. Introductory level:

  • BIOL 101 Introduction to Biology A (lecture and lab,1.5 c.u.)
  • BIOL 102 Introduction to Biology B (lecture and lab, 1.5 c.u.)
NOTE: Students who complete either BIOL 101 or 102 will lose any AP or IB credit for BIOL 091.

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