Policies Governing Dual Degree

The application for dual degree with the College is now open. The deadline for submitting an application is December 15.

  • Students who have been accepted to dual degree programs must complete at least 14 College courses outside the major, including courses for the Foundational Approaches, Sector Requirements and Free Electives.
  • The total number of course units for both degrees is between 37 and 48. Students must complete worksheets with their advisors in both schools showing how they will meet graduation requirements.
  • Dual Degree with the Nursing School: A g.p.a. of 3.00 is necessary for consideration. Consult the Nursing School further details.
  • Dual Degree with the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences: The Engineering School looks for a cumulative g.p.a. of 3.00. The School also likes to see MATH 104, MATH 114, PHYS 150, PHYS 151, CHEM 101 and CHEM 053. By the end of the second year, the student should have at least one sophomore-level engineering course. The total number of course units a student must have for the two degrees may be as high as 46.
  • Dual Degree with the Wharton School: Students should consult the Wharton School website for eligibility and academic requirements for consideration for the dual degree with Wharton.


In order to apply for a dual degree at the end of the first year at Penn, students must have completed at least 8 c.u at Penn. Note that, to be eligible to apply for the dual degree with Wharton, students must have earned at least 4 c.u. in each of the freshman year semesters. Students may not apply to the dual degree program with unresolved I's, NR's or GR's on their transcripts.

Applications for a dual degree can be submitted at the end of the freshman year, after the first semester of the sophomore year or at the end of the sophomore year. Students are usually not eligible to apply for the dual degree after the sophomore year.

Both degrees must be awarded at the same time even if the requirements for one are completed in an earlier semester.

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