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College students have a rich tradition of crafting unique programs of study that draw courses from a variety of departments and programs.

This approach reinforces Penn's interdisciplinary focus going back to Benjamin Franklin himself. Registering for courses can be the most exciting time of year. Each semester a new listing of courses is published for the next semester which gives students a window into the new topics of inquiry and methodologies being developed in their field of study and across the university.

All courses in the College of Arts and Sciences are designed to teach the intellectual and practical skills of analysis, communication, quantitative and information literacy, and problem solving which stimulate students to complete more complex projects and develop more nuanced questions for themselves and the world. Special courses for developing writing skills and engaging in community service can be found throughout the curriculum. Freshman seminars are unique opportunities for small groups of incoming students to connect with research faculty in their first semester on campus through the study of a particular topic. Benjamin Franklin seminars are also designed for students who are interested in going deeper into a topic at an accelerated pace.

The Penn In Touch portal guides students through the process of selecting and registering for courses. In addition, a robust advising system where each student has an assigned advisor supports undergraduate students as they begin to choose which of the many course and co-curricular activities will make up their unique Penn experience.

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