2004 Teaching Award Recipients

Dr. Clark Erickson
Dean's Award for Mentorship of Undergraduate Research
Dr. Lothar Haselberger
History of Art
Ira Abrams Award for Distinguished Teaching
Dr. Sean Keilen
Edmund J. And Louise W. Kahn Award for Distinguished Teaching by an Assistant Professor
Dr. Robert Schuyler
Dean’s Award for Innovation in Teaching
Dr. Janet Tighe
History and Sociology of Science
Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by Affiliated Faculty

Dean’s Awards for Distinguished Teaching by Graduate Students
(from left to right)

Stephennie Mulder, History of Art; Matthew Hart, Writing Program/English; Christine Devena, Mathematics; Thomas Kelso, Writing Program/English; Catherine Chamblee, Music; Scott Edgar, Philosophy; Christopher Baron, Ancient History; Erika Lin, Writing Program/English; Stanley Kemp, Biology; Sukhendu Mehrotra, Mathematics

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