Penn InTouch

Penn InTouch is the University's student registration and information system. Students can also use it to update addresses, view their bill and track progress toward fulfillment of degree requirements.

Students can use Penn InTouch to access the following:

  • Course Search and Mock Schedule
  • Billing information
  • Financial aid application status and awards
  • Student loan application status, disbursements and loan history
  • Online course registration
  • Course schedules and academic records
  • Academic Planning Worksheet for checking progress toward graduation
  • Updating selected address information
  • Student Health Information
  • Privacy settings for release of academic and financial information to parents and others.

Penn InTouch is available 24 hours a day except for 3:00 AM - 6:00 AM on Mondays to allow for system maintenance. In addition, some functions within Penn InTouch may be unavailable for brief periods during nightly processing.